Vinicius Favero: 3D Modeling, Character Art, Industrial Light & Magic | TPaulino Podcast #001

News / 26 July 2023

Hello, my friends! Here is the first podcast experiment with Vinicius Mantovani Favero.

Working at Industrial Light & Magic as a Creature Modeler, Vinicius talks about his trajectory in the industry, his current position at ILM, and his vision of the future.

Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Realtime Engines are a few of the topics we discuss, trying to figure out the future of the artists and skills in this industry!

Let me know how you feel about it :)

Special thanks to Vinicius for participating in this first episode, it was awesome!!

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Houdini - Hair Simulation - Demon Girl WIP #04

General / 15 August 2022


Hello folks! Here is the first pass of the hair simulation in Houdini.



#vfx #3drigging #houdini #3dmodeling #3danimation #3dsimulation #characterart #hairsimulation

WIP - Demon Girl - Character Rig & Sim #01

Work In Progress / 12 August 2022

Wing Simulation/ Karma Render

Up Next


Unreal Engine Live Link - Facial Rig Test

Work In Progress / 21 August 2020

Hello guys! Testing this new live link technology in Unreal Engine to understand limitations and possible applications.

This is a blendshape rig with 52 shapes based on the Apple ArKit.

How do you feel about this tech, is it something you would use?

Model by Ching-Kai Yen

Also thanks to Cliff Baldridge for the setup tutorial. Really useful!

Have a good one guys

Fired by COVID-19 (as a VFX artist)

Tutorial / 01 August 2020

Here is a video describing how I got fired during COVID-19, and the three things that helped me recover from the hit.

The Joker Project: Test Lip Sync - Session #013

General / 13 May 2020

The Joker Project: Live Facial Rigging

Making Of / 04 May 2020

Hello guys! 

On the sessions below I'm figuring out the mouth system, doing a variety of tests, and some progress was made.

I'm also explaining as much as possible about the facial muscle system and the way the muscles interact on the mouth :)

This is a longer session on the development of a few muscles.

Have a good one my friends, and stay safe! :)

Project: Rigging The Joker - Live Dev #001

Making Of / 17 April 2020

Dua Lipa: Face Dissection - Timelapse

General / 16 March 2020

Cara Rig - FACS Demo - The 8 Basic Emotions by Thiago Paulino

Making Of / 14 January 2019

Cara Rig - FACS Demo
The 8 Basic Emotions - According to Dr. Paul Ekman

Hello, my friends! Hope you're all great :) 

Here goes some bits of info:

The 8 basic emotions are equal to every human being alive, and can be recognized in any culture. They are triggered be specific sets of muscles, and are always the same.

They can also be combine, and frequntly appear in the form of micro-expressions, and although hard to identify for the untrained eye, they can tell a lot, if not most, of whats going on in our emotional minds.

The theory first started to be developed by Charles freaking Darwing!! And was further developed by Dr. Paul Ekman, among others.

Thank you all so much for the support on the recent publications, I have learned so much from the comments and suggestions from so many professionals in the industry!

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