Houdini - Hair Simulation - Demon Girl WIP #04

General / 15 August 2022


Hello folks! Here is the first pass of the hair simulation in Houdini.



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The Joker Project: Test Lip Sync - Session #013

General / 13 May 2020

Dua Lipa: Face Dissection - Timelapse

General / 16 March 2020

Demon Girl Rig v2 - WIP - Flexi Plane - Thiago Paulino

General / 27 November 2018

One thing that became very clear while putting together my showreel, was that I did achieve some interesting advanced techniques, but for a starting position in the Rigging/ Creature TD industry, you need to have solid basic rigging skills.

For this reason, I'm updating the rig of this model done on VFS term2. With that, I intend to consolidate the most important body and face rig techniques for a fast and responsive rig.

Hopefully, I'll be able to make this rig available for download for free soon!

Flexi Plane Development

Demon Girl Model v1

Model breakdown: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0QEwe



Thiago Paulino - Creature TD Showreel - Beta.3

General / 27 November 2018

Hello fellow artist and technicians.

As mentioned before, in 2018 I've been studying at VFS, trying to find my path into the VFX industry. 

Creature TD is a position that allows me to go deeper into the inner workings of mechanisms in organic or hard surface structures, being anatomy a long-term friend, face anatomy was still a cloudy field for me. Here is the third iteration of my reel so far.

I'm still trying to get it right so any suggestion is always welcome!

Have a good one, my friends.

Next, I'll leave the two previews version, because, why not? ^_^

Lilium - Electric Jet Engine Aircraft - Quick Skecth

General / 27 November 2018

No news to the fact I'm an avid tech enthusiast, right? haha As many of us here in ArtStation, and across this industry in general.

Searching for an interesting vehicle to rig, this project inspired me to draw, trying to absorb the shapes and design of this aircraft.

Here is the real deal:

AnisoCopter - Personal Vehicle Concept

General / 12 November 2018

I was shocked when I found that the Dragonfly is no less than 300 MILLION years old!!

With a design tested by all forces of nature, it is silent, precise, efficient, fast. Flexible wings can be safer than blades. Arms can and legs can make possible parking or "grabbing" anywhere.

If someone ever makes this come true, please let me participate! haha

VFS 3D 131 Grads - The Last Photoshoot

General / 24 October 2018

Vancouver Film School 3D 131 Grads - The Last Photoshoot 

Idealized in collaboration with this fine gentleman on the frames, the initial intention was to get some decent photography for our LinkedIn profiles. Well, now that we've got the pics, might as well just make some fun out of ourselves =) 

Marco Lopiano, Jon Burgart, Daniel Luna, Gerardo Ramirez, just some of the friends who could show up on this photoshoot among all of our 3D 131 friends. 

I will miss so much this year of my life, 3D 131 and Vancouver Film School, thank you all so much for all the great moments, and I'm actually happy we are all still alive... haha








Demoreel Breakdown - 002 - Torso Anatomy

General / 24 October 2018

Initial Objectives:

- Find a consistent way to achieve likeness.

- Understanding the structure of emotions.

- Spine, cervical and toraxical, function and limitations.

- Gaining awareness of facial muscles insertions and terminations.

- FACS (Facial Action Coding System) comprehension.

Image 2 note says:

“The first step into understanding human emotions is to understand it’s structure.

The frame of the face defines all expressions and is responsible for our key recognizable features.” Be back soon with more stuff =) Hold tight.

Demoreel Breakdown - 001 - Cara Body Proportion

General / 24 October 2018